The waterfall with its blue crystalline cascade is the stunning foreground of the massive circular entrance of Hokeb Ha Cave. Tucked away in its cool shady hillside, Hokeb Ha Cave (also called ‘Blue Creek Cave’) is located a short twenty minute hike away from the Mayan Village of Blue Creek. The village was named from the blue freshwater creek that runs through the village and which is also the water source running through Hokeb Ha Cave.

Visitors who wish to hike to the cave without a guide can do so, but it is always better to have the assistance of a guide when exploring the depths of the cave. Guides are available from Blue Creek Village. The hike is a fairly easy one that requires the normal hiking gear (good hiking shoes, long pants, bug repellant, drinking water and a flashlight for inside the cave). For the first few minutes of the hike, visitors can follow a marked trail along the creek until a large clearing comes into view.

There is a station located on the clearing (where an entrance fee is collected), followed by a wider trail on the opposite side. This trail continues across a creek (that runs dry in the dry part of the year), exposing unusual bleached white stones scattered on its bed. After crossing the dry creek, the trail becomes a bit inconspicuous so visitors must simply follow the creek on its journey upstream. At this point, the trail becomes steeper as it ascends from the base of a cliff. Just a couple of minutes later, the spectacular entrance of the cave comes into full view.

According to archaeologists, the cave was used by the ancient Mayas in the Late Classic Period. An altar and several ceramic artifacts were discovered that date back to that Period. This led them to believe that the depths of Hokeb Ha Cave were used as an important ceremonial center. Visitors can explore the ancient marvels of the cave in a four-hour tour through its large open caverns, small narrow chambers and beautiful crystal-like flowstone structures before emerging out of the cave from another entrance. The cave is accessible year-round, except at some points in the rainy season, when the water levels of the creek become too high. Visitors should confirm the cave’s accessibility from friendly guides in Blue Creek Village.



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Please note: Visits to this cave are guided only by certified tour operators and personnel. Please contact your hotel tour desk for more information.


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