A single day at La Milpa leads to incredible encounters.  These images were captured in a 24 hour span on a recent assignment to La Milpa Field Station in the Orange Walk district of Belize. I had the incredible opportunity to photograph wildlife during my “breaks” thanks to the great folks at Programme for Belize.   This area of Belize is a wildlife photographer’s playground!  I hope to be able to go back again soon and make it a wildlife only mission as I am sure with some more time on the field there are much more amazing animals to photograph.  It is also an amazing location for an off of the beaten path Belize Vacation!

The La Milpa Lodge lies nestled deep in the forests of northwestern Belize.  It is located only three miles from the third largest archaeological site in Belize.  The La Milpa Archaeological Site is only one of at least sixty other archaeological sites found on the Rio Bravo.  Serving as a base for two long-term archaeological projects, La Milpa has evolved as the center of archaeological research on the Rio Bravo.  Guests visiting the La Milpa Lodge experience firsthand the rich history of the Maya Civilization.  To find out more about Programme for Belize conservation efforts at La Milpa  please visit: www.pfbelize.org

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