All roads lead to Hopkins Belize this weekend for Hopkins Mango Fest 2016 in celebration of this delicious, coveted fruit. In Belize, everyone looks forward to mango season, which runs through the months of May, June and July. If you haven’t booked your accommodations yet, choose a place to stay from our list of Hopkins hotels.

Hopkins is the best place to learn all about mangoes. Judging from the wide range of colors, textures, flavors, shapes and sizes, you will learn quickly that there are several varieties of mangoes grown throughout Belize. Some include Common, Sweet 16, Judgewig, Black, Turpentine, Hard Skin, Hairy, Apple, Ice Cream, Air, Jamaican Number 11, ShangoShaw, Julie, Slippers, Blue, and Number 11.  Grafted varieties include Haden, Tommy Atkins, Kent and Keitt. There are four stages of ripening in mangos. These are “green”, “turn”, “ripe”, and “overripe”. Early in the season, mangoes can be enjoyed “green” or “turn”, usually with salt and black pepper and sometimes habanero pepper. Once they start to ripen, there is usually an abundance which inspires their use in so many creative recipes.  While they are best had straight off the tree, they can be used to make salsas, juices, smoothies, ceviche, chutney, ice cream, sorbet and so much more.

The Hopkins Mango Fest 2016 will take place on Saturday, May 28 & Sunday, May 29 near the center of the village. The festivities are being organized by the Hopkins Chapter of BTIA in conjunction with the Hopkins Village Council. The most fun aspect of the event, besides tasting the mangoes and mango creations, is the cultural performances! There are also cooking and bartending competitions, games for adults and children, arts and crafts and so much more. There are also so many adventure tours and activities in the area, so check out our Map of Belize for nearby attractions and destinations.

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