Nestled in 7,200 acres of a private forest reserve, Butterfly Falls is a hidden treasure of the Mountain Pine Ridge. Accessible only to guests of the Hidden Valley Inn located within the reserve, Butterfly Falls offers the unique opportunity of luxuriating in ultimate privacy and exclusivity.

Visitors follow a fairly easy and well-marked trail for about 30 minutes through the semi-tropical forests (typical of the Mountain Pine Ridge Area) of the reserve. Anticipation of the spectacle that lies ahead heightens as the sound of the waterfall becomes louder. When the forest finally parts before you, a magical scene is revealed.

Cascading 80 feet into a green pool, the bright white of Butterfly Falls illuminates its lush jungle surroundings. Visitors are lured to plunge into the cool water of the pool surrounded by rich green plant life. Contributing to the ambiance are the White and Blue Morpho butterflies fluttering in your newly discovered paradise.

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Getting Here

Accessible only through Hidden Valley Inn Resort in the Mountain Pine Ridge area.


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