Celebrity Restaurant is serving local, mexican, turkish and little bit of rest of the world dishes here in Belize. Try us when you are in Belize City.

Celebrity was opened on 22nd of December 2005 by two friends who have worked in the 5-star hotel industry for over 15 years. Since the opening of the restaurant, Celebrity has gained more & more customers everyday in its profile.

Celebrity restaurant dedicates itself to bringing different cuisines to its guests. We have 3 chefs from 3 different continents and they work on new cultural dishes every month to offer a new set of meals to our guests. We offer diet plans, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free meals as well. We use the best brands and top quality ingredients for our meals. People’s health is our priority. We, at Celebrity, build long term friendships and relationships. It’s not only the food experience we offer. We are here for your healthy growth.



Celebrity Restaurant & Bar

Marine Parade Blvd, Volta Building, Belize City, Belize


Telephone: +501-223-7272

Email: [email protected]

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