Wildly civilised sums up the philosophy of our award winning Belizean Rainforest eco lodge, located in the heart of Maya civilisation. Since Chaa Creek’s inception in 1981, owners Mick and Lucy Fleming strove to coexist with nature while creating a true jungle experience and the result is an exquisite blend of natural beauty and man-made comforts. We are proud that Chaa Creek continues to win recognition as one of the Caribbean region’s best examples of sustainable, Green tourism.

Set along the banks of the Macal River and reaching towards the foothills of the Maya Mountains, Chaa Creek has provided unique adventure travel experiences for thousands of visitors looking for an in-depth yet civilised Belizean vacation, with a focus on Belize’s ecology and natural history as well as a vibrant, varied culture that includes the rich Maya civilisation and impressive archaeological sites.

As we grew, so did our appreciation and respect for Belize’s diverse ecology and rich culture. In addition to sharing our homestead, we always endeavoured to share our love for what makes Belize so special, and the need to protect this vibrant yet fragile ecosystem. Sensitive construction and creative recycling has always been a part of our development, and, with the help of our guests’ suggestions and ideas, we are continually minimising our impact on the environment.



US$165 – US$625



Chaa Creek
P.O. Box 53
San Ignacio
Cayo District

Phone: +501-834-4009

Toll Free: 1-(877) 709-8708

Website: www.chaacreek.com

How to get here

At the airport, ask the rental agency for a map. It takes about 2 hours to get from the Belize International Airport to Chaa Creek.

1. Take the northern highway south into Belize city.
2. Upon entering Belize city you will come upon a roundabout, go right and over a bridge. You will be on Central American Boulevard.
3. Stay on Central American Boulevard until you see a gas station on your left and another (smaller) roundabout. Make a right here and you will be on the Western Highway. You will be on the western highway for about 68 1/2 miles before entering the twin towns of San Ignacio & Santa Elena.
4. After entering Santa Elena town you will pass CP gas station on your right. You will take the third right after the gas station; there is a Social Security building on the corner.
5. Follow the “Diversion” signs which will lead you over a low wooden bridge into San Ignacio town.
6. Make a left after crossing the bridge. You will pass the bus terminals and come to an intersection.
7. At the intersection, take the street that is immediately to the left of the bright yellow “Courts” building.
8. Drive straight up the hill. When you reach the T intersection, make a right to get back on the Western Highway leading to the Guatemalan border.
9. Continue on the Western Highway for about 6 miles, keeping a look out for the Chaa Creek sign on the right side of the road.
10. Make a left on the Chaa Creek road (a dirt road).
11. Follow this road, and the Chaa Creek signs, for three and a half miles up to the Chaa Creek property.



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