Cacao has been used in Belize for thousands of years.   The Maya have been cultivating it and utilizing it’s beans to make a very refreshing drink that was popular throughout meso-america.   Today however, this coveted fruit is primarily farmed and harvested for its beans used to make a European adaptation of cacao consumption: Chocolate.   Through an intricate process of fermentation, roasting, grinding and mixing with milk and sugar the world now enjoys this now universal treat.

The chocolate festival of Belize celebrates Cacao and Chocolate as an important and vibrant industry that is vital to the social and economic well-being of the people of southern Belize.   It is a yearly three day festivity that has been growing year after year and includes a Wine and Chocolate signature event featuring a stylish opening night with live music, fine wine, Belizean chocolate, and Belikin’s specially brewed Chocolate Stout.

It is followed by the Taste of Toledo street fair which provides a day of fun and entertainment. Also an opportunity to learn about Belize’s many cultures with cacao-themed food and crafts booths, exhibits,  and of course, more chocolate!


The festivities culminate with the Lubaantun Grand Finale which takes place in the magical Maya site of Lubaantun, (place of the fallen stones), where visitors can enjoy cultural performances as well as purchase arts and crafts, food, and chocolate from local vendors.

If you are in Belize during the Commonwealth Weekend (Labour Day Weekend in the US),  the Chocolate Festival of Belize offers a great opportunity to interact with the present Maya people of Belize and enjoy a weekend rich in culture, entertainment, and culinary delights overflowing with Chocolate!

Date: 23RD to 25TH MAY, 2014
Location: Punta Gorda, Toledo District.

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