A mix of Maya, Mestizo and Mexican influences, as well as a growing community of expats, contribute to the cultural diversity of present day Corozal Town. Every day hundreds of people and tens of thousands of dollars in goods cross the two-lane bridge spanning the Rio Hondo River, which forms the Belize-Mexico border. The border town of Corozal built up around the archaeological site of Santa Rita, although only one structure has survived to tell the tale. Another major Maya attraction is Cerros, which once linked cities on the Yucatan Peninsula with those in present day Belize.

Post-Maya settlers of Corozal were fleeing the Caste War in Mexico. Today a different kind of refugee has discovered the peaceful paradise that is Corozal…the retiree. Several small expatriate suburbs have established themselves in Consejo Village. With convenient access to medical services, the business sector and entertainment, Consejo offers seniors an active lifestyle within postcard settings.

A drive on the Northern Highway proves Corozal’s economy is bolstered by sugar cane production. Today, neat rows of papaya trees break the monotony as the exportation of the fruit has become an important commodity for Belize.

Accommodations in Corozal range from properties with picturesque views of the Corozal Bay to those with convenient access to the border and even a jungle hotel within walking distance to Cerros.

English is the official language of Belize, but in border communities like Corozal, Spanish is spoken more often. Not to worry, everyone understands English and Kriol, the local dialect.

In Corozal, you’ll never get lost in translation because in this place, visitors can always trade their stress for relaxation.

Getting Here

It is a two hour drive to Corozal Town from Belize City. Allow longer travel time for the bus. Water taxis make the scenic journey from San Pedro to Corozal Town regularly. Local airlines Tropic Air and Maya Island Air make scheduled flights to Corozal.

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