Are you ready to get out of the cold and bask in the warm Belizean sun? How about bringing your girlfriends on a life changing wellness retreat to enjoy clear, blue waters and jungle?

Reset Retreat, a women’s personal growth and yoga retreat hosted in adventurous Hopkins, Belize is offering free flights for its guests booking the upcoming Feb. 19th retreat. The retreat is buying flights from various US cities, including Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, New York City, Oklahoma City, Miami, Boston, and Newark. If your city is not listed, don’t worry. They are also offering an equally discounted amount off the retreat for guests located in other cities. (Expires Jan. 15th, 2016)

Reset Retreat focuses on helping you live a healthier and happier life while experiencing the enchantment of Belize. We all just need a break sometimes… A chance to focus on ourselves. Reset Retreat provides the time and space for you to do just that.

“We love to pamper our guests,” says co-founder Natalie Jenkins, “and having the opportunity to be their personal concierge for this retreat is amazing. It’s just another way to provide our guests with an exceptional experience.”

To take advantage of the offer, which expires January 15, 2016, simply sign-up here to receive your complimentary code for the February 19 – 24,  2016 retreat.

The retreat is all inclusive and highlights the best of Belize while focusing on the best of its guests. Reset Retreat helps you release yourself from bad habits, toxic relationships, needy friends, family and unappreciative coworkers by giving you the time and space to heal, reset and grow. The luxury private villa, Villa Verano, is a perfect setting to combine personal growth with exceptional experiences. Enjoy daily yoga, life coaching sessions, cultural explorations, tropical adventures and relaxation, and make a resolution to allow yourself to become the priority.


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