The sandy beach and village streets of Hopkins were once solely lined by modest homes and fruit trees. The natural serenity of Hopkins has attracted significant investment to the village, and it now features several full service luxury resorts. Visitors can now choose to stay in upscale beach front hotels and eat gourmet meals at several of its restaurants. Despite this shift towards modernity, Hopkins holds onto the time honored tradition of genuine hospitality. Service comes with more than a smile…it comes with friendship.

Historically, Hopkins was established in the early 1940s after another community was devastated by a hurricane. Today, the more than one thousand villagers are farmers, fishermen and more recently, tour guides. Hopkins is bounded by the Caribbean Sea in the east and a wetland area to the west.



The quiet shoreline of the beachside community is ideal for sunbathing and relaxation activities. Some resorts even offer massages right over the water. The calm waters of bay are ideal for kayaking or learning new sports like windsurfing. The village also has convenient access to marine attractions like diving and fishing off nearby cayes as well as inland tours such as horseback riding, bird watching and hiking. The world’s first Jaguar Preserve at the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, is a short drive from the village.

As a proud Garifuna community, Hopkins hosts its own cultural day—Hopkins Day—to share traditional music, dance and food with visitors. Residents speak Garifuna before English, sing traditional songs, and regularly eat cultural food. And they are always willing to teach visitors how to speak Garifuna, how to beat the drum and even how to eat the food.

While in Hopkins, learn the Garifuna word Seremei. That’s “Thank you!” Something you’ll be saying a lot in Hopkins.

Getting Here
Take a Maya Island Air or Tropic Air flight into Dangriga and arrange for your hotel’s shuttle to pick you up. You can also rent a vehicle in Belize City. Signs along the highways pinpoint the directions to the village. The bus requires longer travel times as it includes stops in Belmopan and Dangriga.

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