We hope your stay at La Milpa Field Station is enjoyable and informative and that you experience the uniqueness of the tropical forest with its abundant flora, fauna, and Mayan cultural heritage.  Your comfort begins with your choice of accommodations at our site.

Your cabaña is thatched with leaves from the botan palm.  The technique is thousands of years old and is still in use today.  This cabaña will be your home away from home during your stay with us.



US$82 – US$144 (Room Only)



Hill Bank Field Station
Orange Walk
Belize (C.A.)

Phone: 501- 227-5616 / 2271020

Email: [email protected]


How to get here

  1. Take the Northern Highway to Orange Walk Town.  In Orange Walk Town, take a left at the Fire station and head towards the village of Yo Creek.
  2. At Yo Creek continue southwest through the villages of San Lazaro, Trinidad and August Pine Ridge to San Felipe.
  3. Stay on the main road through the community of San Felipe and turn right (west) at the primary school/football field where the road forks into a sharp T-junction. You will come up to our first directional sign shown below at this T-junction. Continue about 7 miles to the bridge over the Rio Bravo. Continue past the police station on the right by the border station opposite town of La Union in Mexico. You will then head south west into Blue Creek, a Mennonite community, up the steep Hill and past the Linda Vista Credit Union, gas station and shopping Center on the right. This is the last place to fuel up if you are traveling in your own vehicle.
  4. Continue from Linda Vista for approximately 4 miles. At Tres Leguas on the left side of the paved road, our second sign seen below points south towards La Milpa. Follow the road for about 3 miles to our Programme for Belize Ranger Outpost; this is the North Gate entrance to the Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area. Once you pass the gate you will continue about 3 miles to the La Milpa Ecolodge and Research Center, which will be to your right.



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