The Living Maya Experience is a pair of cultural home visits that offer guests a fascinating glimpse into a fast disappearing world in wish the local Kek’chi Maya depended upon the forest and found everything in it to satisfy their needs from food to furniture to medicine.

The Cals
The Cals showcase a Mayan home as it would have been fifty years ago before the modern world began to impinge.  They have a bed in which the mattress is made from the rolled out bark of the “macapal” or Moho tree and a bench seat made from a balsa trunk.  There is a wooden mangle for squeezing the juice from sugar cane and wooden moulds to make the sugar caked.

They grow four different kinds of corn, white, yellow, red and black, and keep a sack of berries from the soapberry tree for guest to wash their hands. Food is cooked on an open fire hearth and drinking bowls are made from the calabash fruit. They also prepare meals for their guests who can roll up their sleeves and het involved in the preparation with Anita and her daughters. Grinding corn, cocoa or coffee on the volcanic grinding stone or wrapping fish in waha leaves and baking corn tortilla on the iron “comal” over the fire.

Visits are highly interactive and fun with all five senses involved. Om a tour around the kitchen garden yard, guests taste and smell the herbs and spices used to season the Mayan cuisine.

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Getting Here

Drive south along the Hummingbird Highway to Big Falls in the Toledo District.

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