Hinting to the short-lived sugar industry in the Stann Creek District, the 19th Century ruins of the Serpon Sugar Mill lies abandoned in its lush green environment. Located and marked by a sign along the Sittee River access road just off the Southern Highway, this historical glimpse into the fleeting sugar industry provides an interesting outing in a rich jungle setting.

Operational in the 1800’s, the site features prehistoric locomotive engines encrusted with rust and almost completely covered by its jungle environment. It is believed that the mills were imported from England and Scotland and were powered by locomotive engines, one of which was identified as U.S. made. A walk around the park reveals scattered parts and relics of the sugar mill that once was. Large, ancient trees inhabit the site as well as an abundance of birdlife typical of the Sittee River area.

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Not regularly maintained, it is advised that visitors take along some bug repellant, long pants and long-sleeved shirts. The higher the grass grows, the higher the bug population becomes. Easily armed for the mosquitoes, a visit to Serpon Sugar Mill should not be missed.

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Getting Here

From Belmopan, take the Hummingbird Highway for 45 miles until you reach the Southern Highway Exit. Turn right onto the Southern Highway and travel an additional 10 miles (1/2 hour) until you reach the Sittee River Village access road. Turn left onto the Sittee River Road and continue for approximately 1 mile. Serpon Sugar Mill is located on your right approximately one mile down.

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