What UK Citizens Need to Know About Traveling to Belize

One of the great things about Belize that many people can visit this Caribbean gem without the need for a visa. Although UK citizens only need a round trip or onward ticket in addition to their passports to enter Belize, there are still a few things to note down so that your travels are uncomplicated and hopefully will have no unwanted surprises along the way.

The Belize Departure Tax is not included in the airfare
Some countries require visitors to pay tax at the airport rather than including it in the quoted price, which is usually between £350 – £700 plus other taxes that can reach up to £50. Departure Tax at the international airport is currently rated at $20, while the newly created Tourist Departure Tax at the land border crossings is $10 per person above 12 years of age, according to Global Travel.

There are no direct flights from Europe to Belize
As of the moment, there are no direct flights from Europe to Belize. When booking your flight, you’ll have at least one layover if you’re flying from major UK hubs like London Heathrow. From Heathrow, you’ll most likely need to connect in Miami, Florida or Houston, Texas. Anyone living outside of London will have to take one of the National Express Coaches, linking you to the capital’s London Victoria Station as iterated by the UK airport parking guide, Parking4Less. From there, you have several transport options to get you to Heathrow, though some people prefer driving to the airport and using their recently refurbished parking facilities to avoid the hassle of public transportation altogether.

Your stay is only valid for up to 30 days
For those that are traveling long term, UK citizens (as well as passport holders from non-visa countries) can only stay up to 30 days per visit to Belize. In order for things to run smoothly at immigrations, Belize Visa HQ reminds travelers that you have at least 6 months validity on your passport from your departure date, along with blank visa pages.


(image credit: 2backpackers.com)

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