Welcome to Garifuna Land: Southern Belize – the main home of the Garifuna people in the country.

Although they live in every part of Belize, Hopkins village & the surrounding areas is referred to as their roots!

In Belize we’ve adopted dance, music, food and even little bits of traditions from every culture to call it Belizean. One of the favorite flavors to associate Belizean with is that of the Garifuna cuisine which holds a very special place in our hearts!


Garifuna food is based on these staples – bananas and plantains, coconut, cassava and of course, being by the sea – fish! They prepare delicious varieties of these staples that will have your mouth watering and craving these food even when you go back home. We’ve compiled a few of them for you to get your appetite started. 



A savory coconut-based fish broth seasoned with onions, garlic, and Belizean herbs and spices. If served with rice this soup is called Sere. If served with fufu (pounded ripe and green plantains) that’s dipped into the broth – it’s called Hudut.



A hard flat biscuit (bread) made from the cassava root – this bread was traditionally made by the women for their men, the Carib warriors, in time of battle, to nourish them on their journeys. This bread, without preservatives, can last for years while maintaining a truly unique taste.




This traditional Garifuna tamale is made from slightly green bananas, coconut milk, citrus flavors and of course lots of the delicious spices that keep your mouth watering.




Banana, grated and cooked in coconut milk, seasoned with local herbs and spices (sometimes also called Matilda foot) is a very savory stew that is served with fresh snapper and is one of the most unique foods you will ever taste.



Another exquisite stew made with fish, green bananas and root vegetable which is then emboldened with plenty of garlic and crimson achiote paste.  Splashed with some famous Belizean Marie Sharp’s hot sauce and a squeeze of lime and served with steaming coconut rice, this dish is not to be missed.


Cassava Pudding (Plastic)

We didn’t forget dessert, don’t worry.  Plastic pudding, as it is often called, refers to the fact that once cooked, the cassava gets thick and the top appears with a glossy sheen similar to plastic. It’s made with the grated cassava, coconut milk, brown sugar and sweet and aromatic spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and all-spice.


As you can probably tell, most of these dishes were made with almost all the same ingredients and this was mostly because of the availability of all of the ingredients growing so freely when the Garifuna first landed in Belize.  The versatility of this amazing people is clearly shown in the creative ways they have learned (and taught us) how to prepare the different dishes.  We do hope you have an opportunity to sample some (or all) of these delicious and mouth-watering Garifuna dishes of Belize. At Hopkins Bay Resort, one can have an in-house cook –Traditional Garifuna woman prepare any of these dishes in their private beach house.



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